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Accelerus Attendance Module

The Accelerus Attendance Module offers schools all of the features a school requires to configure, manage and record attendance, all via the Accelerus' web interface.

Key Features

  • Attendance can be recorded from wherever you have access to the internet and a web browser, even on an iPad
  • Daily, half daily and class based attendance may be recorded
  • Tools and shortcuts that make attendance marking and tracking easy and efficient eg bulk marking, marking class attendance from daily roll, etc
  • A user-friendly graphical interface that includes student photos and color coded cards to easily identify absences
  • The ability to view a student's weekly attendance and display an overview of their attendance for any period of time
  • Compliance with Federal government attendance reporting requirements
  • Data may be exported from Accelerus into CASES21, Maze, ICON and other administration systems
  • Administrator tools that allow school based configuration and permissions; follow ups of unexplained absences; the incorporation of class and daily attendance on reports, etc
  • Links in with standard annual and semester Accelerus database setup of students, classes and enrolments