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Accelerus Light Overview

Accelerus Light is a simplified version of Australia’s leading software for student assessment, reporting and analysis. It has the speed and increased functionality of Accelerus but pre-configured for Victorian government schools. It is produced by Semaphore Consulting, who also produce Quick Vic, MarkBook and Accelerus.

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Why choose Accelerus Light?


Accelerus Light is produced by the same company that created Quick Vic and MarkBook and shares much of the same approach to assessment and reporting. In fact, Accelerus Light could be considered a major upgrade. There is no need for teachers or report coordinators to learn a completely new program; in fact, the modern user interface combined with the familiar approach makes Accelerus Light vary easy to use and our experience with Accelerus is that teachers much prefer it to MarkBook and Quick Vic.

Web-based interface

As a web-based application, the need to install software on every teachers' computer is eliminated. Also, the requirement for Mac users to have an additional Microsoft Windows environment is removed. Teachers simply need to have access to a recent web browser and internet connection. Accelerus even supports teachers entering assessments on an iPads.

Single database

Having all assessment and reporting data in a single database that crosses multiple semesters allows for some powerful data processing options. Student tracking and access to historic data give teachers the information they need to monitor student progress and improve learning outcomes.

Time saving

Accelerus Light offers significant time savings compared to Quick Vic including:

  • Rollover of data and configuration. No need to start from scratch every semester.
  • Simplified installation. Technicians don't need to roll out software to every teacher; upgrades are installed once on the web server.
  • Printing speed. Accelerus is between 10 and 40 times faster at collating reports than Quick Vic.
  • Subject and class generator. Specialist subjects and classes can be created and updated in a flash saving hours of time each semester.


While Accelerus Light is designed to constrain the raw power and flexibility of Accelerus, it still provides plenty of options for schools to adjust the assessment and reporting to match the needs of their school communities. If this still proves limiting, schools can readily upgrade to the full version of Accelerus.

Add-on functionality

Accelerus Light provides a framework for schools to manage all of their student centric data. The core Accelerus Light includes all the features and requirements of AusVELS. Additional modules can be added to the system to expand the functionality including recording of various standardised tests, personal learning goals, individual learning plans and more.


Accelerus, Quick Vic and MarkBook have always enjoyed some of the best support available in the industry. Accelerus Light continues this tradition. From quality telephone support to fully documented systems to self service web support with Accelerus Light you know assistance is always available.


Accelerus Light is the ideal choice for schools who have been using Quick Vic but want to move up to a more modern application for reporting, but still have the options available for future growth in data tracking and student management.

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