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Accelerus for Teachers

The role of a teacher today is challenging. Accelerus has been designed to make the task of assessment and reporting as easy and effortless as possible, saving valuable time and helping teachers get back to the job of teaching students and making a difference!

How will you benefit?

Core functionality Key Benefits
Photographs Student photographs are available while entering results which makes identification of students easier.
Shared teaching Multiple teachers can be allocated to the same class in a shared teaching scenario, thereby allowing each of them to receive a copy of the same class and work independently when entering results.
Offline and web based access Flexibility for results to be entered either at school or away from school. Teachers can enter results directly into the assessment and reporting database, via a web interface or into an offline file.
Colour-coding Teachers can colour-code their assessment items which provides a visual clue as to what they are assessing and provides the ability to group assessment items.
Custom Items It’s easy for teachers to create their own class assessment items, e.g. for recording results for class tests, assignments, etc. which means all assessments are kept in one place and backed up.
Comment Banks Teachers can create their own or use school defined Comment Banks. This gives easy access to pre-defined comments which makes comment writing easier.