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Accelerus for Administrators

At Accelerus, we understand the needs of assessment and reporting administrators and the pressures that they face on a day-to-day basis. The process of setting up and administering school assessment and reporting can often be a time consuming and stressful task so ease of use and efficiencies in processing and printing can make the world of difference. The Accelerus program has been designed to make this process as simple as possible.

How will you benefit?

Core Functionality Key Benefits
Easy to use graphical user interface. Easy to use and intuitive, with the flexibility to setting up and define your student assessment and reporting needs.
Flexible teacher access Teachers can either enter assessment results through a web interface, directly to the assessment and reporting database or via an offline file. Offline files require regular synchronisation with the database.
Customisable Security School configurable security ensures teachers only see what is relevant to their interactions with students.
Quick Setup Saves hours of work - the Quick Setup process is used to automate the set up of assessment and reporting requirements.
Assessment Items Assessment items, created for each subject, are used to define what is to be assessed and how it is to be assessed. Any number of assessment items can be created individually or in bulk.
Student Custom Properties Fields, in addition to basic student details such as names, gender, etc, can be created to store additional information about a student. These Student Custom Property fields can be used for search, print and analysis purposes.
Report Proofing Helps eliminate mistakes - the software contains a spelling and punctuation checker which can be run by individual teachers, subject coordinators or by administrators prior to printing.
Compilation of Student Reports A report in Accelerus is created by combining individual templates from each of the subjects in which a student is enrolled, into a single document.
Template Design Allows reporting administrators the greatest flexibility in structuring reports, while using a very familiar interface. Report templates are created and designed using Microsoft Word.
Report Processing Processing of student reports is extremely fast. Individual student reports are processed for printing within seconds.
Data Analysis The Analyser feature adds a powerful dimension to assessment and reporting. It allows schools to access, report on and analyse data in the Accelerus database in accordance with a school's unique requirements.
Skilled Support Our support team are leaders in the industry and are committed to supporting our customers over the phone, via email or the web.