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This page contains details of specific known issues and their solutions for Accelerus administrators.

In addition, the Changes in Accelerus Builds page should be visited to see if a more recent build to that which you are currently running has fixed the problem you have encountered and, if so, update your version of Accelerus to the latest version .

Otherwise, if an error is encountered in Accelerus that cannot be found on the Changes page, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Check the version and build of Accelerus being used. (Help > About in Accelerus; Teacher Name dropdown > About in Accelerus Web)
  2. Make note of the exact error text, the window you were in and the steps you were taking prior to the problem being encountered.
  3. Check the list of articles below to find the correct error text or problem description.
  4. Follow the article steps which may include having to update your version of Accelerus to a later version that fixes the problem.
  5. If a problem has been encountered that is not found in the list of articles, or the article's solution does not fix the problem, call the Accelerus Help desk.


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