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Why Choose Accelerus?

We help schools worldwide discover what’s possible for every student, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

  • Leadership - Accelerus is Australia's leading reporting & assessment software package
  • Maturity - 25 years of development and enhancements make Accelerus a solid base to build on, backed by an experienced team
  • Flexibility - Schools can customise their database, analysis and report layouts
  • Ease of use - Best of all, Accelerus is easy to use, improving teacher efficiency and increasing the quality of student reports
  • Support - Accelerus is supported by a market leading help desk and training team
  • Cost effectiveness - Reasonably priced, with new features & functionality becoming automatically available to licenced schools.
  • Proven results - Accelerus is the preferred choice for a thousand schools across all states of Australia and even in use overseas.

 For more reasons to choose Accelerus, see the overview below:

Key Highlights


Easy to use teacher & administrator interface This allowes teachers and administrators to significantly reduce their workload by making it easy to find what is needed
Fast processing of school reports School reports for a whole school are processed within minutes, saving valuable time
Access to new features and functionality e.g. Goals Management System Provides schools with the ability to set goals at an individual student level which ensures individual needs are met and monitored
Ability to store all student assessment data over time Schools are able to run analytical queries to track performance over any period of time, giving them a broader view of a student's, teacher, subject and school progress and allows schools to identify areas of concern
Accelerus can be used as a centrally located, secure markbook database Teachers can record all of their assessment, NAPLAN, and standardised testing results to instantly produce a current student profile. This removes the use of separate spreadsheet files to record results throughout the year
Flexible software Simplified navigation, broader manipulation of assessment data, layout of reports and naming classes / subjects allows for customisation of the database, based on school needs
Access to school wide comment banks Saves teachers time and gives them more options for report writing
Web access for teachers and administrators Accelerus runs as a web application which can be hosted by us on Microsoft Azure servers in the cloud or can be run on-premise by a school. Being a web-based application means teachers have flexibility with regard to how, where and when they can access their class data and can use both Window and Mac operating systems
Data analysis and reporting tools Data Analysis allows schools to moniter student, cohort, subject, class and teacher progress. It can be used to provide a summary of student results, identify high achievers and areas that are a cause for concern. Data can be monitered over a set period or for a specific report period.    
User-defined academic structure & student cohorts Allows schools the flexibility to customise the database to their needs
Student photos can be seen while entering results Helps teachers easily identify students whilst completing reports
Greater control of security Administrators are able to control security levels, minimising errors through incorrect user access
Data transfer capabilities to and from school specific packages Assist schools to manage their data across different platforms
Historical data easily accessed A student profile window allows teachers to see all of their student data for the current year and past years. This window also shows contact details, standardised testing data, eg PAT, PM Benchmark, Vic Curriculum, etc, goals, and copies of past reports.


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