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How to buy

Pricing Structure

Accelerus prices are based on the following:

  • The number of campuses or sub-schools - which will influence the number of databases / licences
  • The size of the school - number of FTE (full time equivalent) teaching staff
  • Additional software modules purchased - i.e. Goals Management System
  • Annual support fees

Costs will vary:

  • when multiple database licenses are required - i.e. where a school has separate campuses or sub-schools, using Accelerus independently of each other
  • where a school has multiple campuses or sub schools, running Accelerus as one integrated system - (only a single database license is required)

Additional Services

The following services are also available to schools, at an additional cost:


  • a minimum of 2 days training for Accelerus administrators is essential, with additional days required for Goals Management System
  • small group training courses are held periodically in major centres, or on-site if requested - ( content, duration and cost will vary)

Other Services

  • Customisation of quick set up tools
  • Data analysis
  • Design & set up of new templates

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