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Thursday, 28 August 2014
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How to Create Religious Education Reports (Ballarat Diocese) 1526
How to back up your MarkBook database 2544
How to remove a student who has left the school 2288
How to backup a Microsoft Access database 2123
How to extract class files from the database without using Update Server 2267
How to insert a page break into the VELS reports 2056
How to add a principal’s signature section to the VELS reports 2023
How to extract a student XML file from CASES21 2912
How to set up specialist reports with no VELS assessment 2225
How to fit more part-page VELS reports to a page 1951
How to create an alternative to the graphic with the A-E ratings for students in Prep 2384
How to print out results and comments from Assessment Writer 2427
How to delete teacher items from Assessment Writer 2222
How to extract the attendance/absence xml file from CASES21 1211
How to Create your own Comment Database 13637
How to change the maximum number of characters for an individual comment 2654
How to add extra work habits to all VELS reports 3636
How to add the school logo to all VELS reports 3381
How to remove the legend from VELS reports 2825
How to set up MarkBook for Semester 2 2581
How to print missing prior scores on VELS reports 3340
How to change the default comment length 2722
How to print a student's name that contains a space on reports 2432
How to remove the Domain table from VELS reports for Prep students 2302
How to print multiple teachers' names on reports for the one class 2970
How to enable updating via Update Server on a teacher's computer 3094
How to change the code of a student 2665
How to allow a calculated result to be overridden by a teacher 2672
How to resolve problems of missing scores in VELS reports 3340
How to recover a teacher's backup class files 3297
How to identify and print reports for students requiring duplicates 3004
How to run Update Server as a service 4346
How to generate a detailed Update Server log file 2803
How to start a new MarkBook semester – Ballarat Diocese 4955
How to include the students' photos in their report 3487
How to clear out all Assessment Writer settings from a teacher's computer 3179
How to set up MarkBook for the new year 4279
How to set teacher options using Group Policies 3798
How to combine multiple .pdf student reports into a single .pdf file 3070
How to repair an Access-type MarkBook database 3652
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